Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creating an Outdoor Classroom : Day 3

Day three of our outdoor classroom creation. Time to introduce some plant life.

We've had good luck in the past attracting Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillars to parsley, so we decided to invite them back. We created a simple herb box from an old cookie cutter tin with holes poked in the bottom. Big B planted the parsley with some family-favorite-basil. I hope to see caterpillars soon.
I feel so lucky that our boys can watch caterpillars morph into butterflies.
Taking a walk in our backyard, we discovered many new tangerines and a few lone mangoes clinging to our old tree.
I feel so lucky that our boys can watch fruit ripen and fall, and give way to new flowers and new fruits next year.
To create a fluffy green for centerpiece for our little learning garden, we finally dusted off the Chia Tree that Noni gave Big B for Christmas a couple of years ago. We soaked the little clay pot and the seeds, and we will plant them tomorrow.
I feel so lucky that our boys can watch seeds sprout and grow into things much greater than themselves. (Ch-ch-ch-chia Seeds A-Soaking)

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