Monday, June 8, 2009

Our First Date: UP

This afternoon, Papa and I took Big B on our first 'date' since little b was born, almost a year and a half ago. We have been wanting to spend this kind of afternoon with him for quite some time. He is fulfilling all of the childhood cliches we've all heard too often: growing too fast, before you know it, in the blink of an eye, etc. So this afternoon, while Grammy and Papu played with little b in the mall (thank you!), Papa and I treated Big B to popcorn, candy, and the new Disney Pixar film UP in 3-D.

It was fabulous. Sad and sweet, funny and meaningful, I think the film had an effect on all of us. During one bathroom break, Big B and I were holding hands and running to miss as little as possible, and he said, unprompted, "This is a really good movie, mom. Thank you for taking me to it." You're welcome, my boy. Anytime. May your Spirit of Adventure fly high, and may our boring moments be remembered. Always.


Michelle said...

I love that picture of big b!!! i think hal and i are gonna have to try this movie out! you made me think of something, this past weekend, we all hung out around the house quite a bit. hal napped, we played, we watched a family movie (night at the museum) it was a totally lazy weekend. on our way out on saturday to have a swim at hal's mums, hal said, "man, sorry for being such a bore today (referring to his naps), i'm just feeling so tired." and i said to him, "its boring days like this that make us closer - not going out and doing things together all the time, but just being together at home. besides, i don't mind if you nap - you deserve it, too!" it was one of those moments that you realize that less is better. oh, and yay for the date with big b! it is so hard to find the time to take just one child anywhere, isn't it? but when it happens, its oh so special. :)

Autumn said...

How do you do it??!!!! Tears every time I read your blog. You are a wonderful family and wonderful friends.

Liquid Pen said...

good fun! Sweet things he'll J says.."it makes me feel love in my heart"