Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hawaii 5-0, Where Are You?

Last June, Big B and I started our quest. We made a list of all fifty states and kept it in the car. One by one, we checked off license plates. We saw many at first, then one every few days, and then every few weeks... As our list became smaller, our excitement grew bigger. Seeing those elusive last few states--Wyoming, Oregon, Alaska, Oklahoma--would literally make our day. Now, just a few weeks before the one-year anniversary of our quest's beginning, we have only one state left to find.


I know there must be at least one family who has decided to move to the Sunshine State, shipped their car here, and hasn't switched plates yet. Come one, just one? Where are you, Hawaii?


EDITED JUNE 10, 2009: We found Hawaii today! Right after I picked Big B up from preschool, there it was, on a residential street...just passed right by us! We were so giddy: Big B said, "I don't even know what to think, mom!" We found all fifty states in just under a year. I'm sure it can be done more quickly. Care to try?


angela said...

I hope you see one soon. That sounds like a really great way to keep the older kids entertained in the car:) I'm going to have to try this

SwedeLife said...

Gosh, I guess I am notgoing to be able to play this game now!!! Go Hawaii!

Ricki said...

They're all up here in Seattle! I see one at least once a week :)

We played that game too when we moved from Wisconsin to Washington, I lost the paper but we had quite a few!