Monday, June 29, 2009

I Blink, He's Five

1 year ago, you needed training wheels; today, you fly.
2 years ago, you were the only; today, you are a loving teacher.
3 years ago, you were a nursling; today, you are an adventurer.
4 years ago, you knew words; today, you know a language.
5 years ago, you were born; today, we celebrate who you are.

Happy Birthday, Big B. Thank your soul for choosing our family.


Liquid Pen said...

Oh my, how sweet. That is so his little face. How fast it flys!!!!

gana said...

this brought tears to my eyes. happy birthday big B!

Kathie said...

How eloquently written. Absolutely beautiful! A perfect way to start such a celebration!

Happy Birthday to Big B!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Big B!! Enjoy!

Jessica said...

Isn't it amazing how time flies? What a lovely tribute to five wonderful years!

Mama Bird said...

I'm so happy Big B and Big S are growing up alongside one another. How blessed we are!

Happy Birth Day to you all.

Allison said...

this post is so cute and makes me with my "B" would never turn 5!! Thanks for stopping by and linking! -Allison

eringoodman said...

what a beautiful post. thank you.

my daughter turned five three weeks ago. such a milestone for her and for me as her mama.