Monday, June 8, 2009

Project Update: The Safe Motherhood Quilt

I received in the mail today the first square from a growing list of quilters who have found The Safe Motherhood Quilt Project through my blog. Marianne Ogg is a young mother who has been quilting for 20 years, and it shows, through her craftsmanship and perfect piecing. Thank you, Marianne, for becoming involved in this project. I have added your name to a sidebar that I hope will continue to grow as we help Ina May Gaskin bring awareness to American maternal mortality.

The mother Marianne honored in her beautiful quilt square was Kerry Martin, 34, the wife of Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin. Two days after her death on May 25, 2009, Kerry's infant son Austin died in Dean's arms. Marianne chose the background fabric for the square because it reminded her of water, and Kerry was involved in promoting youth swimming programs.

Note: I understand that these posts might be uncomfortable to read, and that they do not interject the same brightness that I shoot for with other posts. But the forum that this blog provides to connect me with the quilting world is unmatched, and I care so much about this project, that I feel it is appropriate to take advantage of their intersection. To learn more about American maternal mortality, please visit The Safe Motherhood Quilt Project.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Laura - How tragic for the family. I cannot imagine the loss - the block is beautifully made, with obvious love sewn in.

Thank you for sharing

Liquid Pen said...

It is so important! Thank you for putting it out there!

Rose said...

Beautiful square, and what a tragic story.

Thanks for putting up the good fight and helping raise awareness. You rock, Mama!

Mama Bird said...

You are both brave and inspiring, mama. What you are sharing, we all need to hear. Thank you & bless you.