Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Love

In the last two days I have acquired four coveted books that have been on my wish-list for some time, and I can't wait to dig in. All of them (only one purchased new) make me smile just looking at their tempting covers.

1 : Radical Homemakers, Shannon Hayes
How can I resist a book that comes so highly recommended by my dear friend and domestic muse Rose--not to mention one that has a preface entitled "Tomato Canning Feminists!"

2 : The Joy of Cooking, Rombauer, Becker and Becker
How I have not previously owned this book I have no idea. This should be a permanent fixture in any kitchen, right along side a Cuisinart and a music source.

3 : The Zuni Cafe Cookbook, Judy Rodgers
I have coveted this collection since I learned of my college friend and his darling wife working at the renowned San Francisco restaurant of the same name. We will dine there one day!

4 : Glorious Patchwork, Kaffe Fassett
Kaffe Fassett's work makes me dizzy, in a good way. The man has no fear. His bold color and print combinations and sharp, meticulous quilt patterns have me reeling.

The dog days of summer have many of us inside, gleaning inspiration from good books, sending us inward to continue our journeys. Happy reading!


Mama Bird said...

Nice stack! I'm almost finished with "Radical Homemakers." Also reading "Mrs. Sharp's Traditions: Reviving Victorian Family Celebrations Of Comfort & Joy" and "True Properity" (recommended by The Visionary) and finishing up "Food Rules" right on the tails of "In Defense of Food" (both from Rose). So many more books I have my eyes on... Enjoy your summer reads!

SwedeLife said...

Reading blogs and feeling home sick....I miss book in english!!