Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Title, Just a Perfect Morning

There was no theme, no craft, no obligation, no preassigned template for today, and I am more grateful to preserve it through this medium than most--for it was perfect.

We met our Papa at his job site and were given the tour of a spectacular oceanfront home. None of us could stop smiling.

Just down the road from the house is a great park right on the water that has, until today, been off our beaten path. We spent hours there, swinging, scooting, watching heron eat a fisherwoman's leftovers.
On our way to the area of the park where the playground was, we stumbled upon a nature preserve boardwalk through a mangrove root forest. It was magical.
We noticed beautiful bits of native color peeking through the green...
...and little crabs digging holes beneath the roots. Big B counted them until he reached 100!
One leg of the boardwalk took us to an overlook where we could see our city's beautiful skyline and all of the boats and fish yet unaffected by the oil spill. We counted our blessings and talked about how incredibly lucky we are to live in this part of the world.


Mama Bird said...

Lucky indeed. I'd love to know where this boardwalk & park are hiding.

Liquid Pen said...

We love this spot...Ken Thompson Park I believe

Lady Miss Jme said...

Ken thompson- just past more marine. Thanks for the lovely pics....glad you had such a good time there : D