Friday, July 16, 2010

Yard Sale Score: Ukulele

Could there possibly be anything sweeter than happening upon a fabulous estate sale on the way home from a fabulous morning at the beach?

I scored an antique German Little Red Riding Hood board book, a hand carved linoleum block for prints (which I am in love with and will be shown again in December, I'm sure), and a ukulele. In and of itself, a ukulele (pronounced oo-koo-lay-lay, I've recently learned) wouldn't be a big deal, but Big B was gifted one for his sixth birthday, and we are both learning to play it. Such joy to see his face light up at the prospect of us playing them together!

1 comment:

Rose said...

What a great score. Love that block!

I've been picking up A's uke from time to time. It is fun to play, and MUCh easier than the guitar! Lots of how-to's can be found on youtube.