Saturday, July 31, 2010

Raw: Being in a Natural Condition

Tomorrow is the first day of August, the beginning of late summer. I am feeling in every cell of my body the need to rest, recharge, rejuvenate, and revitalize. So after several days of research, I am ready to shut down and complete a two week raw food cleanse. I enter this practice with full intention to care for each of my systems. In addition to toxin elimination and healthful, mindful raw food preparation, this will include yoga, a full eight hours of sleep each night, and a break from distractions that weigh down my energy and productivity.

Papa took Big B and little b fishing today, which was perfect timing for me to prepare for Day One (tomorrow). After a beautiful raw lunch from a local restaurant and consulting with several friends who have knowledge in the cleansing arena, I visited the bookstore. There were a lot of choices...

...but I stuck with a tried and true recommendation from a friend. This book is gorgeous and I can't wait to create some of these dishes!
I made my grocery list and went shopping (by myself--a much different experience than usual).
I came home and am enjoying planning my menu for the cleanse. I will not be blogging during this process but will keep a journal and share results! Happy late summer to all!
"Late summer emerges around the first of August
and ushers us into fall at the Equinox.
Late summer is ruled by the Earth element.
The Earth is ruled by the Divine Mother energy
and fills us with gratitude, sympathy, compassion,
ability to give and receive nourishment of all kinds,
from being grounded, centered and balanced."
-Mary Lane, Divine Nourishment


Liquid Pen said...

yeah for you...can't wait to follow you on this journey

kollene carlsson said...

oooooh this is fantastic!!!! I'm very excited for you! I may just be a bit inspired!!! can't wait to hear all about it!