Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sushi for Kids

Big B has loved sushi since he was old enough to eat it. He not only devours the veggie rolls, but genuinely enjoys the more adventurous sushi that Papa and I eat. We have intended, as a family, to make our own sushi--I used to do this in college at a macrobiotic restaurant--but it hasn't quite made it to the table. Then last week, on a trip to our local Whole Foods Market, I noticed a flyer for a free kids' sushi making class. I immediately signed Big B up, and this morning, we joined nine other families as their little ones, wide-eyed, awaited instruction.

The display before them was gorgeous: nori, rice, crab, tofu, cucumber, scallion, carrot, asparagus, cream cheese, mango, pineapple, melon, and strawberries.
Who knows what Nori is?
The teachers were patient and creative and helped the kids through each step. Big B laid out his nori and flattened sticky sushi rice into a neat little rectangle, leaving about an inch of room on either side.
He then chose from the filling buffet. For his first roll, he decided to go sweet: cream cheese, mango, and strawberry. He called this one the Jasmine Dragon roll.
His second roll was a bit more adventurous, including crab meat, cucumber, pineapple, strawberries, cream cheese and mango. This one was called the Rainbow Dragon roll.
Big B really impressed me today. Rolling sushi is not easy for adults, let alone six-year-olds. When it was time to roll the Rainbow Dragon, Big B did not need any help, and did a beautiful job.
The finished Jasmine Dragon and Rainbow Dragon rolls. I would easily pay $10 for this at a sushi bar.
After class, we found a table outside and shared Big B's creations. Little b and I raved about each piece, and we saved one of each for Papa. We are looking forward to creating many more rolls at home!


Mama Bird said...

This is SO COOL! I am way impressed by Big B's attention, skill and interest in making sushi. Perhaps we could come over for a sampling sometime. Awesome!

Rose said...

I don't know who I'm impressed with more: Big B for participating, or Little B for waiting through the class!

Meredith Shadwill said...

Yum! Looks delicious.

kollene carlsson said...

oooooh so cool!