Friday, July 16, 2010

A Week of Celebrating Water

I have written before about the healing power of the water. This week I have felt it in my soul.

Sunday I gathered with my New Moon sisters oceanside. We watched the most magnificent sun set over the pass, bouncing golden saffron then bright seashell pink light off of the water.
We were inspired by the idea of creating a communal, temporal homage to the ocean--she who brings healing, she who needs healing. So we set off on a treasure walk and came together to bless our patch of sand, while both the sun and our intentions began to set.
Monday was library day, and Big B decided to look up books about sharks and dolphins. He came back with these four, all about the ocean and the waves.
Tuesday we visited to the Florida Aquarium with Noni. Most of their amazing displays are indoors, and I didn't get too many photos, but the kids had a fabulous time. We'll definitely be returning!
Wednesday found us at The Children's Garden, where I found these magical seashell horns in their gift shop. I bought them and tucked them away for a special occasion.
Thursday was that special occasion. Finally, after almost three months of unbridled oil spewing into our Gulf, we heard the news that the broken well had been capped--at least for now. While we are by no means celebrating the fact that millions and millions of gallons of oil are still out there, we are all cautiously breathing a bit easier now. I presented the horns to Big B and little b, and told them that the ocean is indeed a magical place, and that we are so lucky to be living near her powers. They each have the spirit of the ocean inside them, and can call it whenever they choose.
And so today, Friday, we gathered again at our most sacred beach with our tribe, celebrating the water and all of its healing. And we felt the magic it contains.

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Rose said...

A celebration, indeed. I look forward to our beach days all week long.