Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Project: Child's Pillowcase Skirt and Purse

Spring is just around the corner. Even with the current cold front, this weekend feels fresh and vernal. In celebration of the fresh air, we attended two outdoor parties this weekend. The second one was for the third birthday of a sweet little girl. We had planned to go to the toy store following yesterday's yard sale expedition. Then I found this vintage floral pillowcase for fifty cents.
Using this pattern as a springboard, I adapted their instructions to make a skirt and matching handbag for the little pumpkin. The whole project took about ten minutes.

MATERIALS: One pretty pillowcase, scissors, iron, sewing machine (or needle and thread), ribbon, yarn needle
STEP ONE: Measure your child to find the length you'd like for the skirt. The open end of the pillowcase will be the bottom, as it is already hemmed. Add three inches or so to your measurement and cut the pillowcase evenly. The smaller piece will be the purse.
STEP TWO: Turn the skirt piece inside out.
STEP THREE: Fold over the top half inch or so. Press.
STEP FOUR: Fold over about two and a half inches. Press.
STEP FIVE: Stitch at the bottom of the two and a half inch fold. This forms the casing for your ribbon or drawstring.
STEP SIX: Turn the skirt right side out.
STEP SEVEN: Cut two little vertical slits in the front center of the casing, being careful not to cut through the back of the skirt.
STEP EIGHT: Measure your child's waste and cut a length of ribbon twice that measurement.
STEP NINE: Using a yarn needle (or safety pin), pull the ribbon through the casing.

FOR THE PURSE: Using the same technique, make a casing for the purse, cutting two sets of slits: one set on each side. Cut two lengths of ribbon and pull through each section lengthwise. I tied a simple knot in each pair of ribbons when I'd found the tension I liked, then used the remainder to make a bow handle.
LESSONS LEARNED: Next time I make these, I will cut the slits before sewing the casing, and use a buttonhole stitch. I also think the purse handles could be done in a very creative way; perhaps I'll keep my eye out for old drawer pulls, etc.


Sara said...

Too cute, love the skirt and matching purse and that would be perfect for a little girl. Thanks for the instructions!

Liquid Pen said...

Ok... that is SOOOOO blogtastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, i have the flat sheet to that set. crazy! its one of my favorite flat sheets. :)

Cathy said...

This is such a cute idea. I had just seen a pillowcase dress on Etsy. I love that you used a vintage pillowcase. I love vintage fabrics.

PS I love to garage sale. If you ever want company, let me know!