Friday, March 27, 2009

A Different Kind of Treasure Map (Part I)

Yesterday was the first day of the astrological new year. After an afternoon in the sun and the healing salty waves, the Mamas and I gathered at Rose's house to set positive intentions for the New Moon in Aries. Inspired by Mama Bird's suggestion, we decided to make treasure maps for the lunar year ahead.

With every crafty supply imaginable laid out in the room, each of us got to work creating a visual reminder of our intentions for the coming year. Although I love the art of collage, Mama Bird's bagua diagram spoke to me in its color composition, and I knew I wanted to create my map with fabric. I just wasn't quite sure how. The Visionary contributed a tin of antique buttons to the crafty mix, and an idea slowly began to solidify.
I chose fabrics from my stash that corresponded to the colors of the bagua.

(from left to right, top to bottom):
1 : prosperity
2 : external recognition
3 : love and marriage
4 : family and ancestors
5 : health
6 : creativity and children
7 : knowledge and self-cultivation
8 : career and journey
9 : helpful people and travel

I love their juxtaposition, and how circles and spirals found their way next to each other. Some of these squares are pieced, some are not. After piecing the squares together, I found the perfect buttons for the center of each.According to astrologists, the treasure map should be completed before the Full Moon. To finish this project, I plan to find a piece of cork the size of the finished map, about 24" square. I will place a layer of batting between the cork and the pieced top, and sew the buttons on. I will probably criss-cross ribbons on the squares, providing a space for words, photographs, whatever pieces of beauty need to be there. Then I think will frame the corkboard and have a visual backdrop for positive intentions. Thank you, Mama Bird, for such a fun and inspirational idea!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so cool! Love it. Ya'll are some creative crafty mamas! And so connected. Quite beautiful, indeed. :)

kelly de la crzu said...

Hey sweetie...I look forward to completing my own, tresure map or not, it's a beautiful idea. My timing is off, but maybe that means I'll have time to create it as a masterpiece... love ya! Kel